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The management team heading MAH Machine Co. is committed to providing superior quality and top-grade craftsmanship to its customers. MAH is committed to giving their customers the best value for their money.


Our Founders

Martin & Anna Hozjan

Martin and Anna Hozjan founded MAH Machine in 1976. Martin was a machinist by trade and handled the day -to-day operations of MAH until his son, Robert, took over as President. Martin had extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the manufacturing and graphic arts industries and was actively involved in the Company until his passing in 2016. Anna is still actively involved in the operations of the Company and supports her family as they carry on the family legacy of MAH Machine.



Robert Hozjan

As President, Robert oversees the daily operations of MAH Machine. This includes working closely with customers, manufacturing, sales, order processing and production efficiency. An active member of MAH Machine since 1990, Robert began his career as a machinist, becoming acquainted with all the machines in the plant as well as programming the machines. He has been in upper management for a number of years and was named President in 2009.



Martina Hozjan

Martina was appointed the Vice-President of MAH Machine in 2012 after working as the Vice-President of a sister company to MAH for many years. Although recently appointed VP, Tina has been working at MAH, overseeing the HR department, since 1995. She has a background in accounting, marketing and International business relations and works closely with upper management on the day-to-day operations of MAH.


Plant Manager

Bill Hannigan

Bill joined the MAH team in 2018 as the plant manager. In his role, Bill manages the shop floor scheduling and works closely with our shop floor supervisors to ensure on-time delivery to our customers. He also works closely with our customers to ensure they are receiving the quality and service they deserve from MAH.


Sales & Marketing Manager

Drago K. Glavac

Drago Glavac handles all of MAH’s outside sales and marketing efforts. He has extensive knowledge in the industry with over 30 years experience and is able to answer technical questions that customers might have. Drago started his career with MAH in the 1980’s and has worked his way through the shop floor and up to managing the sales and marketing team.



MAH’s employees are broken down into numerous departments within the plant and offices. MAH prides itself in its very low turn-over rate; most of the employees have been with MAH for over 20 years. Because of this, the employees have been able to “grow” with MAH and gain knowledge and experience in the industry.